Osceola Book - "Jewel of Tug Hill"

                 - The Osceola Congregational Church has had the book reprinted.

                    - The World famous Osceola poem is in the book, along with many old photos.

                    - e-mail Helen Hall for price.

                    - Orders and payment can be sent to:
                          Helen Hall
                          42 Ryan Road
                          Williamstown, New York 13493

                    - If you have any questions e-mail me.

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(Excerpt from the World Famous Osceola Poem)

I am here in this country at work with my spade,
And it's the last place that God ever made.
There is nothing in sight but the hills and the trees,
And the swamps where you sink in mud to your knees.
I am lonesome as Hell, and my only pastime
Is to sit down and write a damn foolish old rhyme,
I can look out the door and see nothing but grass,
Up in dear Osceola, Osceola my ass.